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A Response to Gentrification

 Gentrification is rooted in the idea that areas can be "discovered" and then "made safe", through investment in infrastructure, for other people groups.  Now, this isn't primarily about race, although race does play a part in the gentrification process.  The reason why I don't want to highlight the racial aspect of Gentrification is because it perpetuates a couple of toxic ideas.  The first is that only white people have money, or achieved a certain economic status.  This encourages people who are not white to believe they are below white people in value, authority, or have to own certain brands (created by white designers) to feel as if they've made it.  To live in a white neighborhood also means you've made it,...

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The X

If you're from the Bronx, you know that this is the universal symbol for home.  The X is a symbol of pride for Bronxites.  It shows our strength. It unites us in a common bond.  No other borough has a sign so easily recognized by its people.  We represent a creative community.  A community that doesn't give up. A community that's had to fight for everything it has.  Being Bronx strong and proud is about loving the Bronx for all it is, the good, bad and ugly.  No matter the struggle you've had growing up here, the point is you've survived.  You've thrived in one of the toughest places to live in.  Be proud.  Be strong.  Throw the X up....

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North Side Natives

The Bronx is the northern most borough in NYC. To quote a friend of mine "If you want to see the real New York, go to the Bronx.  Manhattan is too overpriced and gentrified.  Brooklyn is a mini Manhattan. Queens is becoming the new Brooklyn, and let's be honest - Staten Island doesn't count.  In the Bronx, you'll find the largest concentration of Native New Yorkers."  The Bronx isn't a place most U.S. transplants decide to settle on.  Most people aren't interested in moving to the Bronx when they consider moving to NYC.  The Bronx, however, is an immigrant community, filled with working class people that have revitalized the borough from within.  My grandmother still lives in the same Mott Haven...

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