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Of all apparel and accessories, few items are as universal as hats. People of all ages, ethnicities, genders, creeds, and backgrounds like to cop and rock hats - because there’s a hat (or cap) for everyone. For residents of the Bronx, there is a wide variety of hats to choose from, hats that not only fit their style preferences but also show their BX pride. This post will examine five different hats inspired by life in the Bronx. 

The Bronx Brand Borough Snapback

Bronx snapback hat

Snapbacks are universal. Everyone from your grandma to your Uber driver has a favorite snapback. They may come and go in terms of popularity but they’ll never disappear. Snapbacks offer more than about swagger though - they make sense to wear for a few reasons. 

Snapbacks are Adjustable 

Snapbacks are one of the few hats you can adjust for the perfect fit. It might not seem like a big deal, but most hats come in just one size. So if you like a particular style and it doesn’t fit your size, you’re outta luck. Snapbacks overcome that. 

Snapbacks are Comfortable 

Since you can adjust snapbacks, you can make them as comfortable as you need them to be. If you need more space and prefer a loose feel, you got it. If you prefer a more snug fit, you got it. Snapbacks let you do it all. 

Snapbacks are Versatile

Snapbacks come in too many styles to count. You can wear a snapback with almost any outfit. You can rock a retro look or a more modern look if you pick the right cap. Snapbacks give you options galore.

Bronx Brand Borough Snapbacks

We’ve got the caps that’ll speak to you if you’re a proud Bronxite that likes snapbacks. Our Bronx Brand Borough snapback is a good example of that. It’s molded like more contemporary New Era hats, but it retains the flexibility of a snapback. It’s also decked out with the BX strong logo, which is the ultimate symbol of Bronx pride. 

The Bronx Trapper Hat

Bronx trapper hat

When you think of trapper hats, you might visualize a Russian general (man or woman) wearing one in a snowy setting. Russians call them Ushankas and yes, they’re a big deal in Mother Russia. But they’re a big deal here too. They’re perfect for winter weather and they complement most types of apparel. Here’s what we like about trapper hats. 

Trapper Hats Are Windproof

The last few weeks reminded us that wind is a major reason why winter sucks. Nothing bites more than when your ears feel frozen. Trapper hats protect your ears, forehead, scalp, and other sensitive areas from the bitter cold of winter. 

Trapper Hats Are Lightweight

Some winter hats tend to feel heavy. Trapper hats feel light and still manage to keep you warm. They feel cozy and you can adjust them so that they’re not too tight or too loose. 

Trapper Hats Are Stylish

Some of the most stylish icons out there roam the streets in trapper hats. So they have some undeniable appeal. The truth is that they complement all sorts of looks, and they can up your fashion game. 

Bronx Brand Trapper Hats

We’ve got the trapper hats to keep you looking warm and fly this winter (and for many winters to come). Our Bronx Brand trapper hats come with the thick, fur lining that keeps your head warm and cozy in a nice lightweight design. Of course, you’ll find the BX logo on our trapper hats - a symbol of your Bronxite strength that still shows even in the dead of winter. 

The Bronx Brand Skully

Bronx skully toque

Of course, trapper hats aren’t your sole option for the winter. Don’t forget good old-fashioned skull hats or toques. The key to finding the right skully is to find your perfect fit (snug but not tight) and one with the right material. And also, a skully that doesn’t itch. There are a few tips to think about when you’re looking for a skully. 

Rocking the Perfect Skully Hat

  • Choose a hat that keeps your whole head warm (forehead, scalp, ears, top of the neck)
  • Choose a hat that feels good and doesn’t cause irritation
  • Choose a hat with a high-quality stitch/knit pattern 

Aside from these three main things, you just gotta pick a skully that you like. That’s a personal preference thing, of course, but there are tons of skullies to choose from. 

Bronx Brand Skully Hats 

Our Bronx Brand Skully hats come in eight colors. We opted for a simple design where it’s mainly a solid color and straightforward stitching. That allows you to mix and match your skully with anything else you wear. And of course, you can find our BX strong logo on these hats too. 

The Bronx “Dad” Hats

Bronx dad hat

Say what you will about the “dad” look but it’s en vogue now. A few years ago, the “dad bod” looked good. Then came dad shoes. And now, hats. It’s not just dads wearing dad hats (or any dad clothing) now - some of the most famous women on the planet wear them too now. And there are good reasons why. 

Dad Hats Are Useful 

Dad’s wear “dad” hats for a reason - they protect you from things. They protect your eyes and head from bright sunlight. They also shield you from sudden rain showers. That alone makes them worth wearing. 

Dad Hats Are Comfy

Few hats provide the comfort that dad hats can. They’re often light and breathable, so you won’t even notice them as you wear them. And dad hats are like snapbacks - they’re adjustable so you customize the fit. 

Dad Hats Are Versatile

Remember, dads aren't the only peeps wearing these hats. You’ve got young women wearing them with outfits you’d never think about pairing them with. Why? Because you can wear a dad hat with almost any type of look as long as you match them well. 

Bronx Dad Hats

Look, the hat you buy for your (or a dad) will probably look good on you too. Our Bronx Brand dad hats go well with dudes, ladies, kids, and all sorts of age groups. You’ll find the BX Strong logo on all our hats too, so it won’t look like a random meat shop hat either. 

The Bronx Five-Panel Hats

Bronx Brand Five Panel hat

Panel hats don’t get as much love as the other hats on this list but they should. They’re getting more popular now, and it’s strange why it took so long for the world to catch on. Panel hats are some of the best head accessories you can wear. As a Bronxite, you should have at least one five-panel hat in your wardrobe. 

Panel Hats Protect Against the Sun

Panel hats offer some of the best sun protection compared to most hats. The brim is broad enough to prevent UV exposure, sunburns, blisters, and dehydration. They also filter out the blinding light of the sun, so you can stop squinting so much. 

Panel Hats Cover Your Hair 

You do hair to show it off. But what happens when you don’t want to show off your hair because it’s NOT done? Conceal it of course. Panel hats are good for that, and they can keep your hair out of sight if need be. They also prevent unruly hair from dangling in your face or causing unnecessary distractions. 

Panel Hats Are Versatile

Don’t let the style fool you - panel hats can work with lots of looks. You’ll have to be a little more selective about how you wear a panel hat, but you’ve got options. They look good with streetwear, at sports games, for some workouts, and casual events. 

Bronx Brand Panel Hats

Our Bronx Brand Five-Panel Hats combine a straightforward design with rugged and solid construction. They protect your noggin from the elements and feature the BX Strong logo as a symbol of strength and hardiness. 

Bronx Hats & Caps for All 

What you wear on your head matters just as much as what you put on your body. Hats have always mattered when it comes to fashion, and you probably know this being a fashion-conscious Bronxite. These Bronx hats and caps will cover your needs for function and fashion. Regardless of who you are, you can walk the streets of this city knowing you look on point from head to toe. 


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