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About Us

The Bronx isn't simply the birthplace of hip hop, it's the birthplace of culture.  Hip Hop is a global movement that transcended the boundaries of its 42 square mile home, into the hearts of people around the world.  But the Bronx is more than the birthplace of hip hop culture.

It's the birthplace of fashion designers (Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren), movie icons (Al Pacino, Stacey Dash, Chazz Palminteri), television megastars (Kerry Washington, Regis Philbin, Chris Hayes), producers (Swizz Beats), a Supreme Court Justice (Sonia Sotamayor), Latin superstars ( Jennifer Lopez, Romeo Santos, Prince Royce), filmmakers (Rob Reiner, Stanley Kubrick), politicians (Ruben Diaz Jr., Edward Koch) and of course, Hip Hop legends (Afrika Bambaataa, KRS One, Grandmaster Flash, Big Pun).  The Bronx gives birth to tastemakers, cultural influencers, and creative innovators that have inspired generations around the world.  We want to build a platform for this generation of cultural tastemakers.  We want to showcase all that the Bronx has to offer.  We want to inspire our fellow Bronxites to create the things they are most passionate about.  This is The Bronx Brand.

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