Luis Perez – The Bronx Brand

Luis Perez

I grew up in Morrison Soundview and had a lot of family in the area some in Croes, some in Noble 
The Bronx is all I really know everything from the smells good or bad, the food, the music on every corner, the bold colorful graffiti and murals especially by king bee and the fx crew and the abundance of unique characters everywhere were some of the main reasons why I found a love for art and storytelling 
The Bronx is its own little world and the people are all very characteristic all with some great untold stories, the Bronx also has this unspoken language and rules that you only understand if you are from here and that's what makes me love it so much
I'm not sure what I want my voice to be as an artist yet but I do know that studying as an animator storytelling has been a big impact on my work and the way I see and think about like so maybe I want my art to convey the stories of people who don't get told too often.