The Bronx Brand was founded in 2015 to showcase Bronx creativity.  We believe The Bronx is the mecca of culture, through the birth of hip-hop, and has created generations of tastemakers, innovators, and leaders.  The Bronx Brand was born from a desire to highlight this vibrant culture through our streetwear line. We strive to be a catalyst for cultural change and inspire the next generation of Bronx creatives, of all mediums, through our platform.  We’re passionate about our home and believe it’s time for The Bronx to boldly reclaim its place as a leader in creativity and innovation.

In 2016 we launched The Bronx Magazine as a digital and print resource for Bronx writers.  In 2019, we launched a podcast network, recently rebranded as The Voluble Network.  These two arms of The Bronx Brand compliment our central vision of showcasing Bronx creativity, through all mediums, and continue to build our media presence.  



In addition to a line of our own in-house designs, The Bronx Brand collaborates with Bronx creatives on apparel, accessories, and print designs. This continues our mission to support living artists and use our brand to highlight Bronx culture through streetwear, print and digital art, and accessories. 

To connect with The Bronx Brand, please email info @ thebronxbrand.com.  If you're interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador, click here.  If you're interested in our Loyalty Program, click here.  You can download our app here

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