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3 of the Best Workout Pants for Active Bronxites | The Bronx Brand

In 2022, staying fit doesn’t seem optional. Everyone is looking fit on IG or Tik Tok. You’ve been eating too many falafels and calzones. COVID-19 is still here and you need to clear your head. With that said, if you’ve had enough and want to make fitness a priority this year, you need to gear up for it. 

That applies whether you’re planning on hitting the squat rack, yoga mats, or running trail. It’s crucial to look at your leg wear. This post will examine three workout pants suitable for various types of exercise, pants inspired by life in The Bronx. 

The X Leggings

Bronx Brand leggings

You knew this was coming. Pretty much every fitness ad or workout post you see on IG or TikTok shows someone busting a sweat in leggings. You can wear leggings for almost any fitness-related activity. 

Want to pump some iron? Check - leggings will help with that. Want to perfect your downward dog? Check - leggings will help with that. Want to incorporate more jogs into your routine? Check - leggings will help with that. 

They’re good for all uses. Best of all, we’ve got some Bronx clothing that falls under the leggings category. 

Bronx X Leggings 

Our X leggings are both a performance and motivation booster. For performance, they’re made with moisture-wicking fabrics. That means they’ll absorb and release moisture faster so that you’re not drenched in sweat. You’ll feel cool and dry. Also, they’re built with high-waist control for extra comfort and flexibility. 

For motivation, we put the BX strong logo on them. Why? Let’s be real - sometimes, exercise feels like a grind. That’s why it helps to have a logo on your pants that symbolizes strength and resilience. You want to embody what you wear, so having that logo could help you push through an exercise funk. 

The Bronx Brand Joggers

Bronx Brand joggers

If leggings aren’t your thing, then you probably fall into the joggers camp. Before the leggings craze, joggers were the go-to choice for fitness buffs in need of gear. But they’re not completely out of fashion. Joggers provide some unique benefits that leggings don’t, so you should take a look at them as an alternative. 

For example, joggers:

  • Burns calories (by increasing body heat)
  • Wicks moisture away
  • Protects your skin (from the sun and insect bites)
  • Keeps you warm (ideal for cold weather)
  • Supports flexible movements

So joggers are no slouch when it comes to supporting your workouts. You just gotta choose the right ones. 

Bronx Brand Joggers

Our Bronx Brand joggers will fit the bill if you want fleece instead of leggings. They’re fully loaded really. They come in a slim fit and have front pockets, ribbed cuffs, and a waistband with drawcords. And of course, for motivation, you’ll find the BX logo to remind you of your strength during those tough workouts. 

The Bronx Brand Tech Pants

Bronx Brand tech pants

Tech pants (or compression pants) look like only the most elite athletes wear them. There’s truth in that - it is high-performance gear. But then again, athletes and fitness buffs of all levels can use these pants. Even couch potatoes can wear them. 

They’re perfect for high-level athletes because they offer compression, which is key for efficient movement and good circulation. They also have temperature-control features (thermoregulation) so that athletes don’t overheat or freeze. Compression pants can keep inflammation low. With that said, if you’re looking for something versatile and high-performance, then tech pants belong at the top of your list. 

Our Bronx Tech Pants

Our Bronx Brand tech pants can handle pretty much anything you throw at them. They’re suitable for the gym, track, field - you name it. They also feature our BX strong logo for your motivation and willpower. 

Keep on the Move

With everyone going on these days, it’s easy to curl up in a blanket and watch Netflix all day. Of course, getting a good workout can do wonders for your mental health and your physical wellbeing too. 

You just gotta start - even if it’s 20 minutes a day. That’s enough to lift your energy, mood, and spirits and to get you motivated to continue. Just make sure to stay hydrated, eat and rest well, and wear the right clothing such as our Bronx-inspired exercise pants. 

It will be a move you won’t regret. 


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