3 Beautiful Posters from Nara Tiang for Every Bronxite to Own

3 Beautiful Posters from Nara Tiang for Every Bronxite to Own

Nara Tiang is a talented artist of Cambodian descent who hails from the Bronx. She has blessed the world with some killer artwork depicting everything from nature to cultural figureheads. She's blessed us with her artistic brilliance and, by extension, you as well since we carry some of her paintings. This post will examine Nara Tiang deeper as an artist and three beautiful works of her art, which you can buy.  

Tree of Life Poster

Tree of Life Poster
We're about to get our art interpreter on. This poster goes by the name Tree of Life. It's one of our faves, and it's a great showcase of Tiang's Technical ability and artistic sensibility.

Here's what we find interesting about it, though. A piece called Tree of Life is stripped of color and paired down to its most skeletal form. It's essentially the outline of the tree - its roots, stems and leaves, the bare bones. 

And maybe that's what yang was going for here. The sense that beneath all the color and textures of a plant rests its life-giving components. Even if the world were black and white, the tree's roots would still give life. 

Since BX life never pauses, this Bronx poster reminds us to stop and smell the flowers every once in a while. 

2. Ode to Josephine

Ode to Josephine Poster

Tiang hits us with another black and white bare-bones painting. But that describes the color and feel - this Ode to Josphine Bronx poster is busy. 

Josephine is neatly tucked chucked the bottom left-hand corner of the image ( or at least we assume that Josephine). Meanwhile, there's this collage of imagery all around her. We can see train tracks, shrubs and trees foliage, and the outline of a windowpane.

What does this represent? Is Josephine seeing this surreal overlay of imagery? Or is it a thought bubble representing what's going on in her head? 

This poster is dazzling to look at and process, whether it's a literal or figurative representation of something. Not only is the artwork visually stunning, but it's also the perfect decor for your home and your enjoyment. 

3. Rose Canvas 

Rose Canvas Poster

Just when you thought you could typecast Nara, she busts out her Rose Canvas. She's no one-trick pony. The Rose Canvas poster is a full-on display of her ability to paint worlds rich with color and meaning.

She locks into an aesthetic that seems inspired by Picasso's cubism, with the sky presented as squarish chunks of blue and purple hues. She juxtaposes that with Earth tones found in the tree forms and the giant flower that sprouts into the sky. The stems and trunks of these massive plants have almost tribal-looking patterns as if they were African.

This one is unique and a departure from her other two black and white pieces. It's pretty ambitious but perfect for hanging up in a home office or living room.

A Bio on Nara Tiang 

There are many reasons to support Nara Tiang and grab her paintings. Of course, it doesn't hurt to support one of your own: she's a fellow Bronxite just like you heading from Montefiore in the projects on 183rd and Webster Ave. 

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