3 Pieces of Bronx Jewelry to Make Your Wardrobe Pop

3 Pieces of Bronx Jewelry to Make Your Wardrobe Pop

A little bling is good for the soul and your wardrobe. As a gift, jewelry symbolizes appreciation for someone else's beauty, presence, and love. For oneself, jewelry is a symbol of celebrating one's hard work or a reminder that they are a King or a Queen. Every Bronxite knows this. With that said, we'll take a look at three pieces of Bronx jewelry and accessories that you'll want to rock. 

The Bronx Brand Necklace

Bronx crossed arms necklace

A message etched onto a piece of fabric can resonate powerfully with those who see it. But a message carved in stone or precious metals is unshakable. 

That's why you'll find our BX strong logo on more than just t-shirts and hats. This Bronx Brand necklace carries the BX strong logo in a pendant. The necklace is made of sterling silver and comes in 18 carats gold-plated option. 

It's 18 inches long and free of metal impurities such as nickel and lead. If you're a proud Bronxite and want the world to see that pride, there's no better place than to wear it on your neck. It's among the finest of Bronx jewelry. 

The Bronx Necklace

Bronx NY outline necklace

Many years ago, music, fashion, and other culture put The Bronx on the map. For the sake of pride and respect, it's time to put a map of the Bronx on you. 

This authentic piece of Bronx jewelry isn't a literal map of The Borough, but it's an outline of it. It does double duty since it also looks like an ornament. It's made with sterling silver, but there is an 18 karat gold plated option as well. 

It's 18 inches long, 1 inch in diameter and best of all, free of impurities such as lead and nickel. 

In the future, when someone asks where you're from, point to your necklace and say, "The Bronx." It's bound to feel good.  

New York City Coffee Cup Pin 

Bronx Brand Coffee Pin


Life in this concrete jungle doesn't start without a generous dose of caffeine. Whether it's a cappuccino, Americano or espresso, New Yorkers need that morning coffee, Bronxites included. Does that sound like you?

Of course, it does. You can celebrate or poke fun at the tradition of sipping your morning coffee with this New York City Coffee Cup pin. It's one ¼" thick, made with soft enamel and a gold finish. Even though it's soft at heart, it's waterproof and weather-resistant, making it strong enough to resist the elements. Should that be a surprise? This is a piece of the BX we're talking about.

Bronx jewelry for Bling & Bravado 

Life in the Bronx is tough, and it can put you under pressure at times. But remember what they say about pressure - it makes diamonds. Every day you run the streets of this city, you need to remind yourself of the strength and resilience you have overcome the obstacles you've overcome. These three pieces of Bronx jewelry and accessories shown above symbolize that strength and resilience. And that's why you deserve to carry them. 

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