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3 Bronx Books to Buy for the Winter & Why | The Bronx Brand

Winter is the one season that makes you excited about staying inside. The cold, the dark, and now, the pandemic might just make you feel blah and stressed out. A forgotten way to destress during hard times (and cold weather) is through books, whether it’s for entertainment, education, or enlightenment. This post will take a look at three Bronx Brand books that BX natives can buy - and why - to keep their minds occupied during this (and any) winter season. 

Bronx Book #1 - C.E.O.: College is Extremely Overrated

CEO.: College is Extremely Overrated.

We all had that talk with our parents and guidance counselors about our futures, about going to college. You were likely told about the glitzy and glamorous jobs that await those who graduate from a prestigious college/university, and the horror stories of those who skipped it altogether. 

The truth is, this advice and “golden path to success” is antiquated. Seriously. That’s where the book, C.E.O.: College is Extremely Overrated, comes in handy. You’ll learn how a college degree is no guarantee for job success anymore. You’ll learn how the concept of job security isn’t what your parents and grandparents knew, and what skills really matter now to stay employable. More importantly, you’ll learn how the Information Age makes it possible for ANYONE to learn ANYTHING, and get good at it. Scratch that. Kill it. 

Why Read It

We’re all a bit lost right now. The pandemic has reminded us that the comforts of our jobs can disappear as fast as a missed A train, and making your next move can feel scary. C.E.O can help inspire you to think outside the norm and find opportunities that don’t require you to sit in a lecture room. 

Bronx Book #2 - The Bronx Magazine Inaugural Issue

The Bronx Magazine.

Let’s be real - there’s a good chance you might spend a great deal of time inside this winter. The pandemic is still here (thanks Omicron) and we’re hearing forecasts that this year will be a cold one. So that may mean not much time seeing the city. 

That’s cool though - The Bronx Magazine Inaugural Issue will bring the city to you. It’s a curated collection of articles and photos from our previous work (photoshoots, magazine). With this particular issue, you’ll get a burst of Bronx culture - memoirs, poems, neighborhood insights, and other creative work that you’d normally have to seek out. 

Why Read It

Escape from the indoors is not the easiest thing nowadays, but a printed look at the city can give you a new perspective. You’ll meet some of the brilliantly creative people who live in the BX, and their work might even transport you to a better place. Better yet, when the chaos settles down, you can visit some of these hoods, museums, and cultural spots in person. 

Bronx Book #3 - Toddler ABC Coloring Book

ABC Coloring Book.

Keeping kids calm now - or ever - is a battle sometimes. If you got a youngin’ or ever had to babysit one, you know. After a certain point, cute becomes hyper and then you’re left trying to contain that energy. 

Well this ABC Coloring book is the perfect solution for the little members of your family. Each letter has its design, hand-drawn ones at that, and they’re printable so they can be used continuously. They’re also filled with various Bronx-inspired designs ranging from architecture to public transportation that need coloring. 

But here’s the thing, this is more than a kid’s coloring book. Grown folk can benefit from this book too. Researchers say that adults who color things will feel more relaxed since their attention shifts from themselves to the coloring. It’s a stress-busting therapy, which during these days of COVID and winter days, is welcome. 

Why Buy It

Buy this book if the youngest members of your family occasionally act like little gremlins and need a positive outlet to channel that energy. However, don’t hesitate to buy it for yourself if you’re feeling stressed out - the coloring can feel therapeutic for you too.

Bronx Books to Help You Get By this Winter

There’s no telling what the next few months will hold in terms of the pandemic, the weather, and…life in general. That in itself is enough to make you sigh. But then again, you’re from the Bronx - you’re a warrior! 

If you find yourself getting into a funk or stuck in a rut, get one of these (or all of these) Bronx books to get your mind the inspiration, perspective, and relaxation it needs. The positive vibes and the motivation you need to be your best self is just one read (or coloring sheet) away. 

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