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Hey, my name is Mike. I’m 29, and I’m from The Bronx. There’s a couple of other people from here too, like Ralph Lauren, Swizz Beatz, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, Al...

Hey, my name is Mike. I’m 29, and I’m from The Bronx. There’s a couple of other people from here too, like Ralph Lauren, Swizz Beatz, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, Al Pacino, Big Pun, Calvin Klein, Kerry Washington, Regis Philbin, Chazz Palminteri, Cardi B, and A boogie to name a few. All of these creatives grew up in different time periods, different neighborhoods, and in different ethnic subcultures, but they’ve all influenced culture in their respective fields and call the Bronx Home. Oh, and global pop culture, aka Hip Hop, yea the Bronx is it’s birthplace too.

We don’t see this as a coincidence, and it’s why we believe the Bronx is the Mecca of Culture. It’s why my wife and I created The Bronx Brand. From our launch in July 2015, we set out on a mission to create a platform for Bronx creatives, a catalyst for cultural change, a showcase of Bronx Creativity. We believe there is a creative energy in the people here that shapes and shifts what’s dope and what isn’t. The Bronx is resilient, perseverant and full of grit. The grind and hustle of NYC is what breeds greatness in our borough.

We believe the next generation of tastemakers, influencers, and icons are right here in the Bronx. We’ve already collaborated with so many of our favorite artists, writers, and creatives who are making a name for themselves because of the incredible work they do. We’re honored to be part of their story and to push them and our borough forward. We created apparel that represents the authenticity of our borough; We’ve launched our online magazine, created a web series celebrating the culinary scene in the hood, and a podcast where we share the stories of some dope creatives as they grind to turn their dreams into reality. We believe creatives should earn from their work and not recognized only through exposure, promotions, and pop-ups. 

We want to see money go into the innovators and makers pocket. Since launching in 2015 we’ve collaborated with 44 Bronxites who’ve earned over $3,500 in combined total income. How? In our current business model, we split revenue with the creatives we collaborate with, while we cover all the back-end manufacturing and shipping costs. There are no upfront costs for creatives and shipping is free for US customers. We pay our magazine contributors for articles, because people can’t pay bills with clout tokens and likes. And it’s important to us that they keep their artwork; we make no claim to their creative work – it is there’s and we are honored to showcase it on our platform. This is just the beginning. In 3 years we want to pay-back at least $10k annually to Bronx creatives. We want to donate even more towards social justice activism, natural disaster relief efforts, and local schools.

And now we’re asking for your help to push things even further. We did this with just a small screen printing press, a printer, and a heat press. We used to use a fulfillment company but we want to bring production in house so that everything is made in The Bronx. We want you to join our mission of showcasing Bronx Creativity by supporting our crowd funder on our website.

With this crowd funder we want to upgrade our printing and video equipment so that we can create more content to promote the creative energy we see daily in the Bronx. We want to release more podcasts and collab with hosts all over the borough. We aim to launch a quarterly print version of our magazine. Our goal is to lower our production costs, which will increase the revenue split even more, helping creatives earn more from each sale as well as launch more initiatives to help innovators and makers thrive here. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without the support of our borough. We’re so proud to be from the Bronx, thank you for joining us on this mission.


Thank you

Mike, Tiarra, Penelope  





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