Holiday Drip: Your Bronx-Inspired Apparel Gift Guide | The Bronx Brand

Holiday Drip: Your Bronx-Inspired Apparel Gift Guide | The Bronx Brand

Giving family members clothes during the holidays is a tradition within itself. Of course, it’s easy to fall into a rut when gifting the fam with clothing. The Bronx is home to a horde of talented artists who make some eye-popping and crisp apparel (and accessories), and they can surely make holiday clothing more exciting. This post will serve as a holiday guide for people who want to gift their relatives something to wear, but without it looking like the run-of-the-mill gear you’d get from The Gap. 

Bronx Tee Shirts

Get the perfect Bronx tee shirt for that special someone who loves to rep their city. 

New York Coffee Cup T-Shirt

T-Shirt featuring a cup design

We all have that one friend who lives off of coffee. If you’re trying to buy a gift for the coffee lover in your life, then this t-shirt is a clothing piece they will surely appreciate. They’ll be able to show off their love for coffee while also being able to show that they are proud of their New York roots. 

This is a classic tee made from a lighter material that is pre-shrunk, pre-washed and runs true-to-size. 

The Bronx Brand Logo Crop Top

Mauve crop top featuring The Bronx Brand logo

Rep your fav brand from the Bronx with this flattering crop top which features an unfinished hem to give it a more organic look. It is made from a soft blend fabric which makes it extremely comfortable to layer underneath a sweater or button up for the holiday season. This is a great gift idea for your friends or family members who have that down to earth vibe. The shirt comes in four colors: mauve, mustard, mint and sky blue, so you can find a colour that can suit any palette.

We recommend sizing up in this tee, as it runs slightly small. 

Bronx Sweatshirts & Bronx Hoodies

‘Tis the season for bundling up! You can find the perfect Bronx Brand sweatshirt or hoodie to match any style. 

Keep Creating Hoodie

Hoodie featuring the text, "Keep Creating"

This crewneck goes out to all of the dreamers and hustlers in your life to remind them to keep going and keep creating, even when times are hard. Inspire them to keep building the life that they imagine for themselves, and to keep inspiring you and the people around them with their endless potential.

Made from a super comfy cotton and polyester blend, with a fleece lining for those extra chilly days in the studio. 

Joxer Hoodie - Arthur Fleck Bronx Legend

Tan hoodie featuring the Joker image

If you’re buying a gift for a DC fan, then look no further. The Joker movie was set in the Bronx which makes him a Bronx legend and an irreplaceable part of our culture. The Joker is featured on this hoodie with an X arm sign which shows his roots in the Bronx. 

Featuring a comfortable cotton and polyester blend with a standard fit and a fleece lining for those extra chilly days in the Bronx.

Bronx Caps

Give the gift of warmth and style with these Bronx Brand caps.

The Bronx Trapper Hat

Camo print trapper winter hat

This classic trapper hat with a Bronx Brand twist is a staple in any New Yorker’s winter wardrobe. With waterproof material on the outside and a fur lining on the inside, you can keep the snow out and all of the warmth in. It even comes in a camo print. 

The Bronx Brand Skully - Black Label

Black beanie with The Bronx Brand logo in white

If you're looking for a quick Secret Santa gift or a stocking stuffer,  you can never go wrong with gifting this classic Skully over the holidays. The Bronx Brand Skully is available in a multitude of colors with a minimally designed Bronx Brand logo; something the gift receiver can appreciate this winter. 

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