Bodega to Boardwalk: 10 Pieces of Bronx Gear You Can Wear Anywhere | The Bronx Brand

Bodega to Boardwalk: 10 Pieces of Bronx Gear You Can Wear Anywhere | The Bronx Brand

Any kid from The Bronx knows that looking fresh is a 24/7 job. Even your PJs should make you say “dope.” (a bit of an exaggeration). No matter where you go or no matter what the activity is, there is a shirt, cap, or sweater to match the occasion. This post will take a look at versatile pieces of clothing and gear that you can wear no matter what you’re doing in The Bronx. Of course, these pieces of clothing are from the BX itself. 

Bronx T-Shirts

Tees are the essence of Bronx fashion. You rock them at parties, while doing errands, or even the office if you’re a creative professional who’s returning after lockdown. Some of the most fun depictions or representations of life in the BX lives on our T-shirts.  

The Piragua T-Shirt

The Piragua T-Shirt in blue

You can’t go wrong with a nice piragua on those blistering hot days in the BX. Of course, it’s not always sunny in the Bronx (hint: winter) but this piragua shirt is a nice way to capture the brightness and energy of summer year-round. Also, our Bronx Strong logo on the cup adds to that toughness and character that residents of the BX naturally possess. 

The Subway Stare 

The Subway Stare T-Shirt in tan

There isn’t a single place in the Bronx where you can’t wear this T-shirt. It gets crowded anywhere you go - the subway, in elevators, at concerts, in parties - and sometimes you get tired of telling people to give you space. Designed by Andrew Pena, this Subway Stare shirt will do the mean-mugging for you when someone forgets about social distancing or somehow invades your personal space. 

Bronx Hoodies

It’s hoodie season - although, for some of you, hoodie season lasts all year. The problem is that people suck the life out of hoodies by wearing plain Jane ones, and we have to ask why? This is the BX, home of hip-hop, Yankee Stadium and, fun in general - why shouldn’t a Bronx hoodie feel and look exciting too? 

Bronx Breakfast Shirt

Bronx Breakfast Sweatshirt

Just think of how privileged you are to live near 24/7 diners such as Rainbow Diner or New Capitol - few places on Earth offer this kind of accessibility. We take it for granted but we should revere it - and wear it. This Bronx Breakfast hoodie is more than just a symbol for breakfast appreciation, it’s a symbol for the freedom that lives in the city. It’s warm yet light enough for most weather types and welcoming enough that you can wear it without offending the wrong people.

Joxer Hoodie

Joxer Hoodie in tan

Don’t get it twisted - the Joker is a Bronx legend. Most of the action sequences in The Joker movie were filmed around Jerome Avenue in Highbridge, so you’re wearing a piece of city culture with this hoodie. So if you’re surrounded by people who know, they’ll dig it and if people ask you why you’re wearing it, you can tell them the Joker was made here.  

Bronx Hats

Whether it’s a fitted or a snapback, a cap is a staple accessory in the Bronx. And what you wear on your cap says a lot about you. Of course, you didn’t need a crash course on that, so we’ll show you some other options aside from the typical sports or branded caps that you may reach for. 

The Bronx Brand Borough Snapback

Black baseball cap featuring the Bronx Brand logo

This snapback features the Bronx Brand logo - our version of Wakanda Forever, for us, our borough. It’s a symbol of pride and carries equal meaning to people of all skin tones, genders, backgrounds and personalities in this city. And of course, you can wear it at any time or place that calls for it.  

So Many Delays SMD DAD HAT

So Many Delays SMD Dad Hat

Even if the BX has dope music, addictive food, and hype events, our subway system is (excuse the pun) a trainwreck sometimes. If you wanna support the push to improve our transit while getting a few laughs, then wear this So Many Delays hat. You can wear it anywhere hats are permitted and at least one person will share a laugh with you. 

Bronx Jackets

We’re heading into winter and you know that it’s about to get brick out there. However, that gives you an opportunity to rock some new winter jacket fashions. Best of all, our selection of Bronx jackets and outerwear can show off your personality in a cool yet collected way (while keeping you warm of course). 

The X Reversible Jacket

The X Reversible Jacket featuring The Bronx Brand logo

It’s in our nature to be bold (maybe a tad brash). This reversible X jacket is perfect for showing your more colorful side since it’s bright orange, a rare color choice for outerwear. But it’s reversible, so you can switch over to a more conservative black if need be. This jacket also has Bronx pride on it thanks to the Bronx Strong logo.  

The Bronx Brand Coat of Arms Anorak

The Bronx Brand Coat of Arms Anorak Jacket in black

This jacket has everything you want from a jacket - a cryptic yet artfully symbolic logo, multifunctional weather features, and a style that can suit almost anybody. You can wear it on almost any occasion during the winter or location, as long as it doesn’t call for a formal dress code. 

Bronx Jerseys

As much as the Bronx has a vibrant art scene, most (or at least many) of us have a love for sports too. Whether it’s baseball or hockey, not a day goes by where there aren’t people watching a big game or playing one. Now if you’re not particularly a fan of NYC sports teams, that’s on you, but you can still rock some Bronx-inspired sports attire. 

The Bronx Pinstripes Jersey

The Bronx Pinstripes Jersey featuring The Bronx Brand logo

Yes, this is very much a Yankees jersey - it just doesn’t have the Yankees official stamp on it. But the Bronx is home to Yankee Stadium of course. Even if you’re not a Yankees fan in particular, you can wear this jersey as a symbol of your Bronx pride. If you play baseball, you can also wear it too if you’re not able to get an official Yankees jersey. 

The X Hockey Jersey

The X Hockey Jersey featuring The Bronx Brand logo in white

Like the pinstripe jersey above, this hockey jersey doesn’t officially belong to a team. But it’s great for hockey fans or people who play hockey. Heck, even people who don’t like hockey but just love color patterns and V-cut will like this. It also has our Bronx Strong logo, a symbol of city pride, front and center. 

Bronx Apparel for All Avenues 

The BX is one of the most diverse places in America. The weather is diverse, the industries are diverse and the recreation is diverse, meaning that you can experiment with all types of Bronx apparel. Best of all, you can show off your appreciation for the rich experiences this city has to offer with the items listed above. This is your home, it’s in you to love it. 

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