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Neighborhood Series – The Bronx Brand

Neighborhood Series

Baychester Sweatshirt - Neighborhood Series

Baychester.  Formerly a small fishing village.  Now the place to buy a car on Boston Road, home to Haffen Park and a thriving West Indian Community. • 8.0 oz., 80/20... Learn More

$ 40.00

Fordham Road Sweatshirt - Neighborhood Series

Fordham Road.  Former home of Edgar Alan Poe and Alexander's.  Home to the largest shopping district in the Bronx.  The perfect place to test your car's sound system in the... Learn More

$ 40.00

The Bronx Art Deco Tee | The Bronx Brand

The Bronx.  Filled with beautiful art deco buildings.  A vintage white tee with a colorway that pays homage to the Bronx flag and seal. 5.5 oz. 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton Soft-Washed... Learn More

$ 28.00

Melrose Tee -Neighborhood Series

Melrose.  The South Bronx.  Home of the HUB - the oldest shopping district in the Bronx - Welcome2TheBronx, the Bronx Documentary Center and some of the most gorgeous churches in... Learn More

$ 28.00

Kingsbridge Tee - Neighborhood Series

Kingsbridge.  Filled with hills and terraces from the Armory to Broadway to Irwin Ave. They say the King's Bridge is still in tact near 230th, just under the concrete. Designed... Learn More

$ 28.00

Co-Op City Tee - Neighborhood Series

Co-Op City.  Former home of Freedomland.  The city within a city, with some of the best shopping options in the borough.  Which section are you from? 4.3 oz. 100% Combed Ring-Spun... Learn More

$ 28.00

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